What we can do for you

Account Management and Consulting: C&R Consulting, Inc. will maintain and staff the Fund Office to work with all plan participants, offering consulting services for all facets of plan design and operation.

Contribution Processing & Record Keeping

C&R Consulting, Inc. will process employer remittance reports and track any associated discrepancies and/or delinquencies. We will maintain detailed records of Employer Contribution History and each Employee's work history, using this data to determine a participant's Welfare eligibility, track Pension credited service, and calculate Annuity/Vacation Fund balances.We provide participants with an annual Pension statement, plus Annuity Fund statements at a frequency determined by the Trustees.We make sure all terminating participants and dependents are in full compliance with COBRA continuation of coverage rules and HIPAA certification requirements.

Health Plan Benefit Processing & Payment

C&R Consulting, Inc. can process all claims for benefits under your Welfare Fund, including those payable on behalf of an insurance carrier selected by the Trustees. If a Fund belongs to a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), we will work with the PPO to reprice applicable claims in accordance with negotiated fee schedules.We will also prepare and file any reports needed for required plan maintenance and updating.

Coordination of Benefits Made Easy

Today's Medicare Supplement and Medigap payers have found an easier way to receive Medicare claims. A state-of-the-art Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clearinghouse has made a once labor-intensive, time-consuming process easy. The clearinghouse provides a simple, convenient way to receive Medicare claim adjudication data. C&R Consulting sends eligibility files to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS forwards an electronic claim file of all eligible claims with the Medicare primary payment already calculated. Most importantly for the beneficiary, this eliminates the confusion of coordinating Medicare's Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) and forwarding the paperwork to their secondary insurance for payment.
  • The beneficiary simply shows their ID card at the time of service.
  • The provider submits the claim only once to Medicare.

Retirement Plan Benefit Processing & Payment

C&R Consulting, Inc. will serve as the primary source of information and applications for retirement benefits, including helping members understand their options and complete their applications.We will make all periodic and lump sum benefit payments for Pension,Annuity and Vacation Funds (including direct deposit) and withhold applicable taxes.We will process QDRO's and QMSCO's and perform periodic death checks and reconciliation for retired employees and beneficiaries in pay status. C&R Consulting, Inc., will also prepare and file Forms 1099I, 1099M and 1099R with the Internal Revenue Service on schedule.

Custom Software & Candor Direct

Our Candor Direct software is custom designed to help you run your business your way and is at the heart of our day to day operations. Your data, hosted on our secure servers available for viewing through our custom web interface. With custom reports and queries you will have instant access to your data, realtime. Candr Direct modules include Dues & Welfare remittance processing, Medical Claims, Pension & Annuity processing.

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