Smart-Firm Technology

Our C&R Direct software is custom designed and maintained in house. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe, secure and readily available when you need it. We can tailor Candor Direct to your requirements with custom reports and queries to ensure that you get the information you need in realtime. Our dedicated IT staff will design, test and implement your system according to your specifications.Pension and annuity processing, remittance processing including dues, and welfare, medical, dental, optical claims C&R Direct can do it all. Based on industry proven Open Source technologies, C&R Direct is always there when you need it. In solidarity with our Union brothers and sisters all our software develpoment, maintenance and hosting is done here in the United States.

C&R Direct Features

  • Welfare & Dues Processing
  • Annuity & Pension Processing
  • Member & Employer Correspondence
  • Custom Query Screens & Reports
  • Custom Pension, Annuity, Dues & Welfare Statements
  • Automated data feeds
  • SSL Secure

Database Power. MySQL

C&R Direct utilizes the Open Source MySQL Database to provide fast data queries and processing.

Secure, Reliable, Fast Web Power. Apache Web Server

Secure, reliable, fast data access when you need it provided by the Internet's strongest web server. SSL encrypted for security, custom tuned for top performance.

Proven Internet Backend. PHP

C&R Direct is developed using PhP. PhP enables us to quickly and securely provide custom data query screens and reports.